Your health is important. Take care of yourself. Your artistic endeavours will flourish.

Strong in Body,
Stronger in Mind

This ebook is packed with information and tips for creative people to improve their level of health and fitness.

Want to know more about incorporating health and fitness into your creative lifestyle? Looking for knowledge, motivation and the inspiration to get there? Let's get you started now!

Who am I?

  • I competed in Fitness for 10 years, including 4 years in the IFBB Pros and have trained over 150 athletes to the stage, plus hundreds more individuals seeking better health
  • I have helped authors and artists reach their fitness goals
  • I have a black belt from Master Gee's Black Belt Academy
  • I am a published author, blogger, speaker and avid crafter
  • I live it, so I know what it takes to balance your creative life and your health

Know What You're Getting Into

  1. Don't believe the hype! There is no pill, there is no magic solution.
  2. Do it for the right reasons. Do it for yourself, to feel and look better.
  3. Learn from my experience. Save yourself the trial and error, go with what is proven to work!
  4. Give it your all. If you're willing to try, then you will benefit from my techniques!

"Sandra Wickham's counsel on health and fitness has been invaluable to me for the last five years. She's an expert here, and she's a class act besides. " —Howard Tayler, Writer and Illustrator

Why This Ebook

  1. You get all the information you need about strength training, cardio training and nutrition.
  2. It includes sections on posture, techy gadgets and sites, an at your desk break and a get up and move break!
  3. There is a lot of experience, thought and heart put into this ebook to help you have the best experience you can.
  4. Based on ten years of competing and many years of training others for over twenty years, I am sharing what has worked for me and my clients.
  5. Often people try and fail at a fitness plan and don't know why. That is where this ebook comes in.

What you will find in this Ebook

  • This is a ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE PAGE manual, complete with everything you need to improve your health

  • Straight talk on why this is important for every creative person.
  • Help with finding your motivation to start and to continue improving your level of health and fitness.

  • Lots of geeky apps, suggestions and resources to satisfy your creative geek.

  • A section on proper posture for sitting or standing desks, including simple to do exercises to improve your overall posture!
  • Thorough information on cardiovascular and strength training so you know what to do and how to do it.
  • Helpful nutritional information covering everything from weight loss, to eating out and healthy snacking.
  • Also included are tips on getting enough sleep, and a section for those over 65.
  • Finally, a Now It's Your Turn section including:

    A Quick Stretching Routine
    A Five Minute Creative Break (away from your desk)
    A Desk Break (you don't even have to get up, but you'll feel better!)
    Tips for Fitness and Health on a Budget
    A Sample Treadmill Workout (to shake things up a bit!)
    Tips on How to Avoid Overtraining
    Many Different Motivational Tools
    Inspiring Quotes of All Sorts to See You Through

Get my Health and Fitness for Creative People Ebook for only $4.49 USD!
Get the information you need to start making a real difference in your life.

Choose whether you'd like a epub or mobi version and I will personally email your copy to you. You have the option to add a bit about yourself and your health and fitness story if you wish and along with your ebook I can send a few extra words of advice, input and encouragement.

Health and Fitness for Creative People 1st Edition
by Martial Artist and Fitness Pro Sandra Wickham
Copyright Sandra Wickham 2015

"I knew a lot of the information in HEALTH AND FITNESS FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE--most of us do--but I kept it compartmentalized in such a way so as not to do anything with that information. HEALTH AND FITNESS FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE kicked down those walls and delivers all you need to know to feel better and create more art in one well-researched volume. (And I'm not just saying this because Sandra has me in an armbar.) "
—Chadwick Ginther, Author of Thunder Road

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