A Physical, Mental and Emotional Approach for Writers

What would you write, if you had the energy to write more?

"I am eating wiser, fitting in workouts, I am a lot less tired and yes I am writing more than I have in years."

-Sally D Simpson, Fit 2 Write Graduate



I have over 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, IFBB professional fitness competitor, coach for competitors and a black belt.

I've been in the publishing industry for over 13 years as a published author (traditionally and self published) and now I coach writers through their health, fitness and writing pursuits.

I'm also a full time single mom, a Down syndrome advocate, entrepeneur and lover of all things story, including social media!

Fit 2 Write 12 Week Program Testimonials

Sandra's knowledge, skills, and abilities coupled with her years of experience and approachability make her the perfect coach. I gave her my trust, and I am sure glad I did. I had no idea how much I did not know. I am eating wiser, fitting in workouts, I am a lot less tired and yes I am writing more than I have in years.

-Sally Simpson

What a happy day it was when I took advantage of a one-on-one conversation with Sandra. I knew in the first 30 seconds of the call I could work with her. I immediately signed up for her Fit2Write program. The program covers all aspects of life: mind and body, social and individual, physical and mental. I'm in my 6th week of the program and, with Sandra's encouragement, advice, and guidance in the program I am back to writing daily, getting those stories into documents. I'm feeling fitter and sleeping better than I have in years. Thanks to Sandra's Fit2Write program I'm finally living my retirement dream.

-Jeanette Montgomery

Fit2Write has helped me get fit while keeping my creative projects front and center. I have more energy than I ever thought possible, which has translated to more creative energy. It's turned from me looking at my to-do list and wondering how I'd ever get it all done to finding renewed joy and excitement with all my creative projects. This is pretty incredible, considering I'm a copywriter during the day and writing fiction by night. I honestly wasn't sure I'd ever be able to blend the two. But now? I'm doing more creatively than I ever have before, and I know it's because I'm finally taking care of my body in a way that supports me.

-Jessica Kormos


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