Why Train with Sandra?

Experience, knowledge and results.


Over twenty years ago, Sandra became certified through the Canadian Personal Training Network as well as certified as an aerobics instructor. She trained clients and taught aerobics at McMaster University while a student there, in recreation centres and gym in Ontario and British Columbia and even taught a class while travelling in New Zealand. She started competing in fitness while overseas in Australia. Hooked after her first show, she came back and continued to compete. 

After training people for ten years, Sandra began competing in Fitness. Once she became a top national level athlete, she began slowly training other competitors. Sandra went through the competitive ranks to eventually  win Nationals, win her Pro Card and compete in the professional ranks for four years. Throughout those years and after retiring, Sandra trained over 100 competitive physique athletes for over ten years, helping them reach their goal of stepping on stage at their best. 

Sandra has also trained in Martial Arts for the last ten years, obtaining her black belt in 2013. Martial Arts was a great crossover from fitness competitions, to have flexibility, core strength and balance, but also so completely different from anything she'd done before. It was an eye opener to new training methods, new ways to push oneself and most of all to learn what's worth fighting for. She continues to train and is working toward her second degree.