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Are you looking to improve your level of health and fitness?

Sandra has worked with people from all walks of life for over twenty years and can help you find your best, strongest and healthiest self. Whether it's a personalized workout you can do at home, or a 12 week all inclusive physique transformation, you can achieve all your health and fitness goals. 


Ebooks for sale

Sandra has a wide variety of fitness and health available. Want a strength training workout for beginners? One that won't scare you off? Or perhaps you have experience training but would like a new eight week program to kick things in a new direction. Or maybe you're after the elusive six-pack. Check out Sandra's ebooks and get started on your new health and fitness journey!


Sandra's Fiction

Sandra's short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, online magazines and podcasts. Visit her fiction page to find out about all of them, including the ones that are available FREE to read or listen to.