The Death Coach Series

Spirits, magic and the supernatural spun into a fun and unique adventure! Full of realistic and lovable characters, be prepared. "Death Coach" will keep you up until you finish it. A thoroughly enjoyable paranormal novel.

-Lori Pollock, Amazon Reviewer

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My mission is to empower writers to unleash their creative potential by prioritizing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Together, let's nurture your well-being, enhance your writing skills, and embrace the joy of storytelling.


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If you want to change your life first you must change the way you think. Feel Write Again guides you in that process changing the way you think about life and your inner self. Taking this course is time worth investing.

Judy Dufort

I'm moving more, feel stronger, and have established a moving/writing habit that has stuck with me. There are not enough adjectives to describe this great program."

Jeanette Montgomery

Being in the writing chat rooms made me feel accountable and, therefore, "obligated" to finish. Knowing me, I would have put it off until it was too late if I was alone. So, thank you, Sandra!"

Debra Booton McCoy

About Me! Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Sandra.

I am a fiction and nonfiction author, the Founder of Feel Write Again, a full time single mom, a Special Olympics Coach and Special Needs Advocate.

I've been a health coach for over 30 years and am also a black belt.

After training all levels of clients including competitive athletes for many years, I now specialize in helping writers focus on their physical, mental and emotional health in order for them to write more and get their words out into the world where they belong!

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